VETERANS Programs 

The African Queen Project’s Veterans Programs honor the service and sacrifice of American and Allied servicemen and women in preserving our freedom, connect civilians with veterans, and pass our veteran’s amazing experiences on to the next generation of Americans.




Program 1 – Honoring Service

From parades, to armor and auto shows, to military services, the African Queen vehicles are displayed at as many public events as possible to project our message of pride and recognition for the service and sacrifices of our servicemen and women.  Popular with young and old alike, the African Queen vehicles provide a fascinating, unforgettable, and hands-on experience into military history.
If you are a veteran’s organization interested in this program or would like to partner with us in developing similar programs, please contact us.

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Program 2  – Veterans’ Experiences

The African Queen Project is collecting, preserving, and retelling stories and pictures that vividly bring our veterans’ experiences with these vehicles to life.  From Europe in WWII to East Asia during the cold war to recent conflicts in the Middle East, these veteran stories and interviews pass on what it takes to train, operate, and win on the modern battlefield. .
If you are a veteran (or family of a veteran) with stories, pictures, or artifacts related to operation of vehicles like those in the African Queen Project that you would like to share, please contact us.

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