Preservation Programs 

Meticulously conserved and authentically restored to their operational state, the African Queen Project vehicles allow you to interact with history and learn about the science, technology, engineering, and craftsmanship that made the U.S. the nation it is today. 



Program 1 – Preservation of the African Queen Project vehicles

The centerpiece of the African Queen Project is a 1943 M16A2 half-track, built by the White Motor Company in Cleveland Ohio, that served U.S. and French forces in Europe, Asia and Africa between 1943 and the 1960s.   Take a video tour of the African Queen on display at the National Museum of the the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.   

If you have technical questions about preservation of the African Queen Project vehicles, or wish to donate a military vehicle, equipment, or parts, or would like to contribute to the upkeep and display of these historic vehicles, please contact us.

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Program 2 – 2021-2022 Preservation Course:  1942 Ford GPW 1/4 Ton Jeep

The African Queen Jeep GPW preservation course will be held in 2021-2022.   In this class, students at the Great Oaks Career Campus will be guided through the preservation/restoration process for a historically correct military vehicle to be displayed in public.  Covered in the class will be an end-to-end restoration process including:

  • Restoration history and best practices such as safety, insurance, and ethics,
  • Project scoping, planning, and costing,
  • Vehicle preparation and disassembly,
  • Period correct parts, fabrics, coatings, and paint/marking schemes,
  • Vehicle reassembly, including sourcing period repairs and fabrication of NLA parts,
  • Preparation for long-term display.

If you are a teacher, instructor or veteran’s organization interested in this program or would like to partner with us in developing similar programs, please contact us.

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